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Spring Issue 2010

Working mother balancing family

  • We are currently organizing a regional Sustainability Conference promoting sustainable business practices to be held during the last week of October -- watch for more information in our Summer issue, or contact our main office for specific details and participation opportunities.


  • The new " Stone Soup Solutions" website will serve as a permanent online directory for FREE and low-cost community resources :  please feel free to let us know if you need something and don't see it or know of a good resource we have neglected to include.


  • While Stone Soup Ministries been listed locally as a legal " Non-Profit" organization for several years,  we are currently completing the IRS application for national "501(c)3" status :  this will enable us to give "tax deductible" receipts for both in-kind and monetary donations, as well as compete for additonal grant funding for special projects... 

**  " Thank You " so much to ALL of the community partners that have believed in our mission enough to donate everything we needed for the things we've done over the years :   We look forward to increasing our capacity to serve the entire community with your continued support .

Upcoming Events
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for all classes ]

Relationship Smarts            
FREE Class for Teens   
Within My Reach      
FREE Class for Adults 
"Solutions Day" 2010       
This year we have once again decided to extend our annual "Solutions Day" celebrations to include the entire month of October... 
In addition to hosting the main Conference event ourselves, we have chosen to ask our community partners what they are doing to address important issues throughout the month of October and to highlight all of those creative efforts on the Stone Soup Solutions site :  a comprehensive website dedicated entirely to free and low-cost community resources.
[ see the " Stone Soup Solutions & Resources " page on this website for additional information ]

Additional information available upon request :

" Because people need a hand up -- not a handout..."